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Couscous; the food so nice they named it twice

Sadly this isn’t my own quote but it’s pretty good right?  I’ve been meaning to post about couscous for a while so here it goes.

Couscous ticks many boxes for being a useful kitchen ingredient.  Not only is it an economical bulking addition to meals but it has lots of health benefits.  The main ones being that the grains are a good source of lean vegetarian protein as well as containing a decent amount of fiber.


So what to do with couscous?  Traditionally the North African countries where couscous comes from serve it with a variety of meats or vegetables and rich sauces which are absolutely delicious.  When I lived briefly in Paris as a graduate, I really loved eating at Algerian or Tunisian restaurants where the pièce de résistance on the menu was their lovely couscous dishes.

Izzie’s Kitchen Couscous

These days I either serve it well seasoned & lightly dressed with olive oil and lemon juice or incorporate it into a mixed salad to add some bulk and make the salad more substantial.

This salad dish was so nice, we ate it twice (leftovers are great too!).


Izzie’s Kitchen Couscous

Serves 4


3 prepared cups of couscous, fluffed with a fork to loosen the grains

1/2 orange pepper chopped

1/2 green salad pepper chopped

1 vine tomato chopped

1 handful of baby spinach, shredded finely with a knife

2 Persian cucumbers chopped

3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

2 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp white wine vinegar

Salt and Pepper



  • Add the chopped vegetables in a bowl with the couscous.
  • Add the olive oil, lemon juice & vinegar and season well.
  • Toss to combine and serve with a generous garnish of shredded spinach.



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