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Hey Mango: The Health Benefits of Mangoes

A few years ago , when we lived in China we went on holiday to Thailand for Christmas vacation – it was a short flight from Shanghai and was a wonderful break in a simply amazing country.

I saw mango trees there in Thailand for the very first time and my love affair with this versatile and delicious fruit started there.  The local roadside mango sellers present them sliced up like a hedgehog which is so cute and a pretty skilled thing to do with a knife!


Mangoes have a very special taste, a little sour and sweet and acidic all at the same time.  They have a glorious sunshine yellow color and have a ton of nutritional value including helping maintain a healthy heart and supporting the body’s metabolism.

Here’s a great list from that shows the fantastic health benefits of mangoes. It’s good reading.

I tend to buy frozen mango pieces that I use for blended juices and smoothies.  I find the creamy texture of frozen mango adds a little weight and thickness to smoothies to make them more satisfying.

And with that said, I’m off to make a breakfast mango smoothie.  Enjoy your day!


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