Keep On Moving

Ok so strictly speaking my blog is a food and nutrition one but I read this really good article on today about exercise that I really wanted to share.

I wholeheartedly believe that our bodies are made for moving.  A few years ago my better half started complaining of chronic lower back pain.  It was totally debilitating and very painful.  When he saw the Doctor he was told he had 2 herniated discs in his lower back.  These discs had slipped and moved, amongst other reasons, as a result of his sedentary job which kept him sitting for long periods of time.

He had a lot of physiotherapy to push the discs back in and started taking more regular exercise during his working day (walking to and from the office, moving around during the day when working and taking more sustained breaks from sitting at the laptop).  This, combined with daily back strengthening exercises and now more traditional light workouts has kept the discs in place 3 years on.  Yay!


The human body thrives with regular exercise and we can actually do more than we think to keep the body moving – just getting out and about on a walk for a short period of time each day can work wonders for our wellbeing.  Great stuff!



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