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A Sweet Treat: Fruity Yogurt

Nutrition Class Ingredients

Last year when I was teaching nutrition class, my favorite classes were the ones near the end of the semester when the kids got to celebrate their time and experiences in class and enjoy a healthy treat.

We gave them a bowl of plain yogurt and various toppings – in the photo you’ll see we had dried cranberries, fresh berries, pumpkin seeds and then a little runny honey to top it off.  It was HUGELY successful as the kids got to make up their own bowls and enjoy something really yummy together.

I often have this sort of food for breakfast but I also add a small handful of nuts, chia and flax seeds too.  I change the fruits too, in the summer I add berries, plums, peaches or nectarines and in the winter I add apples or frozen fruit to the yogurt.

So what’s the deal with yogurt in terms of nutrition?  The lactic bacteria in yogurt benefits the body hugely. It helps with immune system support; less constipation, stomach acidity and diarrhoea; lower body fat; protect against food poisoning bugs; make stronger bones and fresher breath. A highly nutritious food, providing appetite-satisfying protein, and a clutch of vitamins and minerals, unsweetened yogurt makes an extremely healthy food item.  I prefer Greek yogurt as it contains less sugar than plain but that’s a personal choice.

p.s. I apologize for the basic photo but as before I had to take it quickly during a busy class!

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