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Breakfast for Life

I watched this really cool program on BBC TV last night  called Inside the Factory which showed the bonkers industrial scale of breakfast cereal manufacturing.  It was absolutely fascinating to see just how massive the production scales for a company such as Kelloggs are (1 million boxes can be made over the course of a 24 hour period!) as well as the history of cereals and of breakfast eating as a whole.

They also discussed the importance of eating breakfast daily for cognitive function and conducted an experiment whereby 2 sets of people were given some tests and quizzes to complete.  1 set had eaten breakfast and 1 hadn’t.  You can probably imagine the results.  The breakfast eaters performed better on the tests and whilst the non-breakfast eaters didn’t do too badly in terms of correct answers (the results were lower however), they found it harder to concentrate on the questions and focus on the task as a whole. Not eating breakfast also has more sinister side effects in relation to blood sugar balance and weight gain on a longer-term basis.

I saw this image on my Twitter Feed this morning which sums up my thoughts on the importance of eating breakfast every day.  Breakfast really is for life (and for life’s champions :)).


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