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Staving Off the Inevitable (Ageing!): Eating Tofu May Help

Ugh, I looked in the bathroom mirror the other day because I noticed that when I now laugh or smile, really prominent deep wrinkles appear at the creases near my eyes.  When did that happen?

You can’t avoid the inevitable, i.e. the fact that we all age over time but what you can do is to try to keep your body in as best a condition as possible to prevent all the nasty things that can start happening to it from middle age onwards.  This is particularly pertinent for women in their middle age (40s onwards) as we can’t eat the same things we did in our twenties and get away with it :((.

1376307595.6902A woman’s oestrogen levels decrease in her 40s and with that comes menopausal symptoms and the likelihood of getting osteoporosis.  With this in mind, eating soya at least 3 times a week in whatever form suits you best can offset this  (yogurt, milk, tofu or edamame beans).  Soya has isoflavones which can enhance bone density.

I really like tofu, you can do a lot with the extra firm type that comes in a block & you can readily buy this from the grocery store.

I published a really delicious Middle Eastern tofu and rice recipe a couple of weeks ago on the blog- this is the link back to it: Middle East Grilled Tofu with Studded Rice and a Spicy Herb Sauce.  It’s zesty, light and packed full of nutrients.  Hope you make and enjoy it!

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