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So about 2 years ago I joined my local Brooklyn gym to lose weight.  I had a couple of free sessions with an excellent personal trainer who explained that 80% of the process of weight loss, maintenance and overall health has to do with nutrition, the remaining 20% with exercise.

This really WAS news to me. 80% food related?   I decided to follow his pretty simple guidelines and modify my food intake with this main idea:  eat a diet that is heavily plant-based but includes all food groups; meats, fish & eggs, grains, dairy, good fats (all in more moderate amounts that I had been eating) whilst incorporating regular manageable exercise (in my case running and some weights & resistance training).  Guess what happened?  I lost 17 lbs in 5 months.  Not only that, I reduced my total cholesterol levels by a long way and brought my total body fat percentage down by 11%.  I’ve managed to keep to these guidelines almost 2 years on from the 1st gym session.

So I got to thinking that food basically heals and strengthens the body and so must also as a  result extend your lifespan.  I decided to certify as a Nutritionist to further study these principles and that’s where I am today.

With this in mind, I love reading about what wonders food can do for the body and saw this great poster today  that shows how to juice for health.  It’s definitely FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

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  1. Bang on post!

    I’d go even further and say it’s 90% diet, 10% exercise and 100% effort..
    Ketogenic diet will do it for you every time :))

  2. Well done Shadee! In your photos you do indeed look marvellous. I’d like to tweak my own eating and exercising habits a bit. Congrats on certifying as a nutritionist. I always enjoy your posts xxx

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