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Just Beet It: Benefits of Eating Beets

Beetroots, with their glorious purple red color and sweet velvety taste are one of my favorite vegetables.  As a kid I liked eating pickled beets straight out of the packet only to then stain my hands bright pink.  These days I like to use them in smoothies to add a little sweetness and color.  Really yummy.


Until recently when I was qualifying as a Nutritionist, I had no idea just how useful the beet is for our bodies.  Not only does eating beets help lower blood pressure and increase the body’s blood flow but recent studies claim that it can improve athletic performance too.  On top of that, beets contain a nutrient called betaine which helps our liver get rid of toxins.  Here’s a useful article from my favorite site Mind, Body, Green which talks about the benefits of eating beets and the best ways to cook with them.  Enjoy!!


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