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Dilly-Dally: Using Dill for Cooking


I can’t get enough of the beautiful aromatic herb that is Dill.  We eat it a lot here at Izzie’s Kitchen HQ because I love the smell of it as well as the wonderful texture of this delicate plant.

Dill is used around the world for cooking; it’s as popular in Northern Europe with fish dishes as it is in the Middle East with vegetarian meals.  It has many health benefits including containing a significant amount of Vitamins A & C, vital for bone growth and maintaining a strong immune system.

My favorite way of using it is with eggs for breakfast – just a sprinkle of fresh chopped dill on some poached or scrambled eggs makes a standard breakfast a little more special.




  1. I also use fresh dill a lot, and your post reminded me of a salad I haven’t made in quite a while
    where dill creates all the flavour. I’ll go make it and then post it – thanks!

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