PMS? What PMS? Foods that can help

I get terrible PMS from time to time.  So bad it makes me want to get back under the bedcovers and remain there indefinitely.  For a few days each month I’m either cranky, sleepy, swell up with water retention like a balloon or have a combination of all 3.  Not much fun being a woman sometimes and my poor old family are on the receiving end of all this fun!  It only takes 1 symptom to throw you off your whole day.

So what can be done about this?  Well I believe there are foods that give you healthy nutrients and relieve some of the symptoms of PMS.  Why not tell Mother Nature where to go and fight the symptoms with something delicious?  Here are some of my top tips below:


Relieve your bad mood with complex carbohydrates. These boost serotonin, the feel- good hormone. They also provide a steady supply of energy so that you don’t feel totally starving an hour later. Examples of complex carbs are peas, beans and wholegrains.  Oatmeal in the morning for breakfast is a great way to use complex carbs.


Changes to a woman’s sleep pattern right before their period is pretty common.  Combat that PMS sleepy feeling with bananas.  These yummy fruits have melatonin, which is a natural sleep-aid hormone that’s secreted at night and helps regulate our body’s natural rhythms. 


Water Retention

It may seem bizarre to fight bloating with fiber which makes you feel full but high fiber vegetables really help with bloating.  They contain a high level of water to help move things along in your digestive system and can ease the puffiness and discomfort. I like eating cruciferous vegetables like kale, broccoli or brussel sprouts to help with this.  I love oven roasting brussel sprouts with some sea salt and black pepper and a little olive oil to coat.  The sprouts here in the US are really big and perfect for this.

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